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Report : Ostrava

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Report of the project meeting in Ostrava, from 8th to 14th of April 2010

Teachers: Martina Baseggio, Petra Janasová, Jana Kondziolková , Denis Kubajura,
Participating schools:
Teachers : ; Martine Dupuis, Alain Croquelois Students:
Teachers: Elisabetta Grimaldi, Maria Grazia Blumetti; students: Bevilacqua Michele,
Molinari Monica, Orlando Chiara, Aicale Rocco, Matera Olga, Pasqui Andrea, Sileo
Angelica, Telesca Sergio.
Teachers: Gabriela Tache, Claudia Rusu, Aurelian-Daniel Tache; students : Iordanescu
Irini, Ioana Raisa, Roxana Dobre, Cristescu Daniel, Vlad Butucea, Teodor Uta, Balan
Andrei, Hossu Oana Maria
Teachers:Pelin Aydın, Sezgi Poyraz,Selami Arı, Hilmi ınal ; students : Nurten
Bayraktar,Ebru Çetin,Berk Uçar, Pınar Karsıyaka,Fatih Yazgün,Simay Güzel,Sedef
Yıldırım,Armağan Yücel Sahin,Berk Güler
Teachers: Petra Janasová, Jana Kondziolková;students: Denis Kubajura, Vojtech Lampart
David Horvath, Katerına Koutnikova, Zuzana Lusková, Lenka Žárská, Tereza Chorovská

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2. Objectives of the meeting:

Sharing the results made in each partner institution on the social impact of migrations in
their countries

3. Description of the activities :

Official meeting with the local authorities and with representatives of the Association
“Ostrava 2015”
Team work of students from each country
Presenting the social impact of migration in each country, PPT , videos, interviews
The questions raised by the presentations were discussed by the students
Brainstorming and group work in mixed teams on all the social issues on migration
presented in the previous activities
Visit of Landek coal mine and discussions with immigrant miners
Visit of the Technical Museum in Kopřivnice where students have faced the job
opporturnities for local and foreign workers created by Tatra car factory
Discussion with Roma people in the Roma Community Center
Sightseeing of the city
Leisure activities for students
Preparing the final report

4. Evaluation of the meeting:

- the meeting was well organized by the Czech team and the programme was well
balanced as regards school activities and visits
- all the teams presented interesting works on the topic; we realised the increase of
knowledge and the improvement of English and ICT skills of all the students
- we also noticed an higher involvement of the students in all the activities and their
increased interest on migration issues which developed into further questions and
-each country dealt with common and new aspects of the topic that increased the
knowledge and understanding of the students
-the students appreciated the opportunity the project gave them to meet their friends, to
start new relationships and to make new friends
- these experiences increased students` self confidence and motivation
-the meeting was also a good experience for the teachers in terms of team work and
achievement of project's aims

5. Dissemination:

The results of the project meeting will be disseminated through:
- the blog (online journal of the project);
- announcement to the local media;
- presentation of the results of the meeting in the local school community;
-the film of the meeting published on the blog;
- a forum for the students will be created and students will have the opportunity to discuss
the project from their schools and homes;
-dissemination of the results in each country through websites, media and assosiations
working with migrants, asylum seekers, refugees.

6. Conclusion:

The meeting was successful, the objectives have been reached and a visible
improvement has been noticed by teachers.

7. Establishing of the activities that will take place until October 2010 :

Continuing the individual and group study and investigation on the impact of migration .
Selection of the documents to be included in the final production
Exhibition of photos in school. Gazette establishment.
Intermediate output (web page and map of migrations)
Debate/discussions/conferences on the forum of the present
situation in participating countries
How to face and fight the new forms of discrimination, social exclusion, racism and xenophobia?
Evaluation of first year
All partners will report to each other the results of the activities made so far
Report to the coordinator with an attached questionnaire on the projects' impact on the students and teachers at the end of the first year

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