Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Potenza, Italy - Contribution of the Romanian Team


-In Romania and partners countries-

Citizenship in France

  • The right of a person to live and work in France depends on their citizenship as follows:
1.Non-European Union Citizens:
A Carte de Séjour, also known as a Titre de Séjour, is a residence permit required by French law for any non-European Union citizen staying in France for a period longer than three months.
2. European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) Citizens:
All EU citizens from the original accession countries, and EEA citizens and their family members have the right to live and work in France and do not require a work or residence permit.

EU Citizens: Definitions of Residence:
Foreigners in France are either active - working, or inactive - not working. Slightly different rules apply to each set and are defined as follows:
-Active: Anyone who is receiving an income in France from employment or self-employment.
-Inactive: Anyone who is not engaged in economic activity; is not employed or self-employed in France.
a) Active: rights of residence
EU citizens have the same rights to work and employment protection as a French citizen.
In order to exercise these rights, an active EU citizen needs to be able to show proof of employment.
b)Inactive: Student application for residence permit, optional
A student resident in France for a period less than five years may apply for an CE
student residence permit which is valid for a maximum of one year and can be renewed.
3) New EU Accession countries:
Citizens of the new EU member states Bulgaria and Rumania may live in France but there are limitations on the sectors in which they may be employed. These rulings apply for seven years from the point of the member country's accession to the EU. From 1 July 2008 many restrictions were removed for citizens of Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Limitations may also apply to non-EU citizens who hold residency permits from new accession states.